A simple but powerful Amarok-style music player for GTK users
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Exaile is a music player with a simple interface and powerful music management capabilities. Features include automatic fetching of album art, lyrics fetching, streaming internet radio, tabbed playlists, smart playlists with extensive filtering/search capabilities, and much more. Exaile is written using Python and GTK+ and is easily extensible via plugins. There are over 50 plugins distributed with Exaile that include advanced track tagging, scrobbling, support for portable media players, podcasts, internet radio such as icecast and Soma.FM, ReplayGain, output via a secondary output device (great for DJs!), and much more.

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karsten's exaile-3.4.5-1.fc23 completed (ppc)

Details 3 hours ago - 2015-07-28 11:35:09


cicku submitted exaile-3.4.5-1.fc21 to testing

Details 13 hours ago - 2015-07-28 02:16:54


cicku submitted exaile-3.4.5-1.fc22 to testing

Details 13 hours ago - 2015-07-28 02:15:44


cicku pushed to exaile (master). "Added missing desktop database refresh script"

Details 13 hours ago - 2015-07-28 02:09:43

cicku's exaile-3.4.5-1.fc22 completed

Details 13 hours ago - 2015-07-28 02:05:45

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