Simple, composable, easy-to-use stream I/O
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The io-streams library contains simple and easy-to-use primitives for I/O using streams. Most users will want to import the top-level convenience module "System.IO.Streams", which re-exports most of the library: For first-time users, 'io-streams' comes with an included tutorial, which can be found in the "System.IO.Streams.Tutorial" module. 'io-streams' comes with: * functions to use files, handles, concurrent channels, sockets, lists, vectors, and more as streams. * a variety of combinators for wrapping and transforming streams, including compression and decompression using zlib, controlling precisely how many bytes are read from or written to a stream, buffering output using bytestring builders, folds, maps, filters, zips, etc. * support for parsing from streams using 'attoparsec'. * support for spawning processes and communicating with them using streams.

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