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A collection of various methods for splitting lists into parts, akin to the \"split\" function found in several mainstream languages. Here is its tale: Once upon a time the standard "Data.List" module held no function for splitting a list into parts according to a delimiter. Many a brave lambda-knight strove to add such a function, but their striving was in vain, for Lo, the Supreme Council fell to bickering amongst themselves what was to be the essential nature of the One True Function which could cleave a list in twain (or thrain, or any required number of parts). And thus came to pass the split package, comprising divers functions for splitting a list asunder, each according to its nature. And the Supreme Council had no longer any grounds for argument, for the favored method of each was contained therein. To get started, see the "Data.List.Split" module.

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ghc-split's builds started to fail in f24

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espasmo added tag "split" to ghc-split

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espasmo upvoted "haskell" on ghc-split

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Koji build ghc-split-0.2.2-5.fc22.i686.rpm signed with sigkey '81b46521'

Details 18 days ago - 2015-08-14 19:29:50

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