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An efficient packed, immutable Unicode text type (both strict and lazy), with a powerful loop fusion optimization framework. The 'Text' type represents Unicode character strings, in a time and space-efficient manner. This package provides text processing capabilities that are optimized for performance critical use, both in terms of large data quantities and high speed. The 'Text' type provides character-encoding, type-safe case conversion via whole-string case conversion functions. It also provides a range of functions for converting 'Text' values to and from 'ByteStrings', using several standard encodings. Efficient locale-sensitive support for text IO is also supported.

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sharkcz's ghc-text- tagged into f23 by sharkcz (s390)

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Package list change for ghc-text: 'SHADOWBUILD-KH-f23-build' (ppc)

Details 9 days ago - 2015-06-27 15:54:38


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Details 9 days ago - 2015-06-27 15:54:38

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