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Provides basic WAI handler and middleware functionality: * WAI Testing Framework Hspec testing facilities and helpers for WAI. * Event Source/Event Stream Send server events to the client. Compatible with the JavaScript EventSource API. * Accept Override Override the Accept header in a request. Special handling for the _accept query parameter (which is used throughout WAI override the Accept header). * Add Headers WAI Middleware for adding arbitrary headers to an HTTP request. * Clean Path Clean a request path to a canonical form. * GZip Compression Negotiate HTTP payload gzip compression. * HTTP Basic Authentication WAI Basic Authentication Middleware which uses Authorization header. * JSONP "JSON with Padding" middleware. Automatic wrapping of JSON responses to convert into JSONP. * Method Override / Post Allows overriding of the HTTP request method via the _method query string parameter. * Request Logging Request logging middleware for development and production environments * Request Rewrite Rewrite request path info based on a custom conversion rules. * Stream Files Convert ResponseFile type responses into ResponseStream type. * Virtual Host Redirect incoming requests to a new host based on custom rules. This library provides common Web Application Interface features. API docs and the README are available at <>.

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