RESTful DICOM server for healthcare and medical research
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Orthanc aims at providing a simple, yet powerful standalone DICOM server. Orthanc can turn any computer running Windows or Linux into a DICOM store (in other words, a mini-PACS system). Its architecture is lightweight, meaning that no complex database administration is required, nor the installation of third-party dependencies. What makes Orthanc unique is the fact that it provides a RESTful API. Thanks to this major feature, it is possible to drive Orthanc from any computer language. The DICOM tags of the stored medical images can be downloaded in the JSON file format. Furthermore, standard PNG images can be generated on-the-fly from the DICOM instances by Orthanc. Orthanc lets its users focus on the content of the DICOM files, hiding the complexity of the DICOM format and of the DICOM protocol.

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sharkcz's orthanc-0.8.6-3.fc23 tagged into f23 by sharkcz (s390)

Details 3 days ago - 2015-06-27 20:15:45


sharkcz's orthanc-0.8.6-3.fc23 completed (s390)

Details 3 days ago - 2015-06-27 20:14:21


sharkcz's orthanc-0.8.6-3.fc23 started building (s390)

Details 3 days ago - 2015-06-27 20:07:07


karsten's orthanc-0.8.6-3.fc23 tagged into f23 by karsten (ppc)

Details 4 days ago - 2015-06-26 07:40:38


karsten's orthanc-0.8.6-3.fc23 completed (ppc)

Details 4 days ago - 2015-06-26 07:38:26

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