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Sonic Visualiser is an application for viewing and analyzing the contents of music audio files. The aim of Sonic Visualiser is to be the first program you reach for when want to study a musical recording rather than simply listen to it. As well as a number of features designed to make exploring audio data as revealing and fun as possible, Sonic Visualiser also has powerful annotation capabilities to help you to describe what you find, and the ability to run automated annotation and analysis plugins in the Vamp analysis plugin format ? as well as applying standard audio effects.

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salimma's sonic-visualiser-2.4.1-1.fc21 was deleted

Details 9 days ago - 2015-03-21 10:49:40

salimma's sonic-visualiser-2.4.1-1.fc20 was deleted

Details 9 days ago - 2015-03-21 10:49:33

salimma's sonic-visualiser-2.4.1-1.fc19 was deleted

Details 14 days ago - 2015-03-16 10:44:06


sharkcz's sonic-visualiser-2.4.1-2.fc22 tagged into f22-Alpha by pbrobinson (s390)

Details 19 days ago - 2015-03-11 12:23:13


Package list change for sonic-visualiser: 'f22-Alpha' (s390)

Details 19 days ago - 2015-03-11 11:45:56

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